MM Go World Championship 2023 was completed on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

2023 MM Go World championship   Competition result  Watch full program

Getting qualification for the MM Go World Championship 2024 is on going. Hope to see the best of you in the WC 2024!

The MM Go World Championships
Competition encourages learning MM Go World Championship 2023

The US Mental Math Federation (USMMF) and Orion Abacus Association (OAA) are proud to host the MM Go WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on Saturday, November 4, 2023 (PDT). All qualified gamers will compete remotely. This is the only mental math international tournament that requires no fees nor special permissions to work on qualifications, provides cash awards, and is conducted on a mobile app available at everyone's fingertips.

MM Go is an online real-time multiplayer mental math battler. MM Go World Championships are "no excuse" and “equal-opportunity” mental math contests created under a true state of fairness in which everyone with a mobile device is given the same opportunity, unhampered by barriers of time, space, artificial prejudices or preferences. The final winners are no doubt the genuine World Champions of Mental Math.


Competitions encourage practice. Practice leads to proficiency. Participating in contests can increase the interests and confidence of children in learning mental math.

In addition to encouraging active mental activities, promoting mathematics learning, and creating friendships amongst participants around the world, other purposes of the championships also include generalizing mental math practice to all school-age students and even adults. When more people are involved, more weight will be placed in mental math, and thus the level of the skill will collectively be enhanced.

Getting Started

The tournament is ONGOING, free to get qualified, can be joined any time on or before September 30 to earn enough GOLD CROWNS. We would like to invite everyone to participate. To be qualified for the WORLD championships, please follow the steps below as soon as possible:

  1. On a mobile device that is connected to the internet, download MM Go. Or scan the proper QR code below to download.
  2. Open MM Go and create an account.
  3. Login to MM Go
  4. Tap on "iQ Square" then "Upcoming"
  5. Start to battle at any School site that is pinned with a red shield. Once the gamer collects 5 or more Gold Apples, find a State site to battle. Once the gamer collects 5 or more Gold Cups, find a National site to battle. Once the gamer collects 15 or more Gold Crowns, s/he will be invited to the WORLD championships tournament. Follow the paths indicated by the flow chart below to proceed.

    MMGo Flow Chart
  6. Collect 15 or more Gold Crowns by September 30, 2023 (PDT) to receive an inviation.
  7. follow the instructions on the invitation letter to finish registration process including paying the US $50 registration fee.
  8. To compete in the championships, prepare at least one mobile device (to play MM Go) and one webcam (to join the ZOOM) to be legitimately participating the championships remotely.
All gamers will be automatically placed in an age group by MM Go according to the exact age as of July 31, 2023, calculated based on the birth date, regardless the birth place, provided in the account. Please note that the birth date cannot be altered later so be careful when providing the information at the time creating an account.

It takes 5 gold crowns to play a game at the World championships. Only those who have 15 or more gold crowns will be invited to the World championships. We salute to the effort and skills that win you the qualification. We will issue a certificate to each participant of the World championshipss.

Remote Participation

Invitation letters sent out to those who are qualified for the World championships will contain an online link for recipients to respond and register. Requirements for all invitees who wish to join the championships are listed below:

  • Register via the online link included in the invitation letter.
  • Provide copies of official documents and photos allowing us to verify the identity of each gamer before the specified date.
  • Install certain legitimate software (for example, ZOOM) and test with the staff successfully before the specified date.
  • During the Championships, have at least one webcams and one mic connected online. The equipment should be tested with the staff successfully before the event and set up at designated angles.
  • Submit U.S. $50 registration fee as instructed in the online registration form.
All the requirements above are tentative and subject to change. So please check back often.

Competition Rules
  • Only a mobile device running the latest version of MM Go as of September 30, 2023 is eligible for each gamer to use during the championships.
  • Video record the gamer who is playing the games during the event. The gamer and the questions on the MM Go screen should be clearly visible in the video recording. Share the video with us after the event.
  • The MM Go World championships 2023 is an MM Go virtual meetup for gamers who obtained 15 or more gold crowns on or before September 30, 2023, to join. To participate in all three games, meaning +/-, multiplication, and division, no fee but a total of 15 gold crowns are needed. Also only those who collected 15 or more gold crowns will be invited to the online ceremony.
  • All gamers will answer questions independently without external aid except for papers and pencils if desired.
  • A total of 3 games will be conducted: Multiplication, Division, and Addition/Subtraction. All tests should be done on the mobile app, MM Go. Three (3) minutes are given for each game. Gamers need to participate in all three games and all games played need to be in the same age group.
  • Sample Questions
      +/- x ÷
    Group A (ages 6 and younger) arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample
    Group B (ages 9 and younger) arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample
    Group C (ages 12 and younger) arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample
    Group D (all ages) arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample arr2.gif Sample
  • If two or more gamers tie at the end of a game, the system will use the numbers of mileage points as the tiebreaker. If mileage points are tied, numbers of gold leaves, then gold apples, etc., will be used to compare.
  • All gamers are required to prepare at least one additional device with a working webcam and a microphone, in addition to the one that the gamer will use for MM Go, so that the Tournament Control Center can see the gamer throughout the event. Our staff will contact the individual gamer to ensure the proper setup of the video devices.
  • If a gamer cannot comply with the technical requirement mentioned above, the qualification of the World championships will be forfeited.
  • In addition to the mental math skills, performance of the mobile devices, internet connections, and any interruption due to unexpected failure of the software are all considered as factors of the final result.
  • All results will be final after being confirmed by the Judge Panel of the event.
  • Final winners will be selected based on the TOTAL scores from all three games. A maximum of grand total of US $4,000 will be awarded in the World Championship! The monetary awards to the top 5 place winners of each age group are listed below:

    1. 1st place (1 person): US $500
    2. 2nd place (1 person): US $200
    3. 3rd place (3 people): US $100 each
There are a total of three games of each age group: Multiplication, Division, and Addition/Subtraction. And there are a total of four age groups as listed below:

Group A: 6 years old and younger (born on or after August 1, 2015)
Group B: 7 to 9 years old (born between August 1, 2012, and July 31, 2015, inclusive)
Group C: 10 to 12 years old (born between August 1, 2009, and July 31, 2012, inclusive)
Group D: all ages
Players in Groups A, B, and C can also choose to battle in Group D but only one group at a time.

Both US Mental Math Federation and Orion Abacus Association sincerely invite you, all leaders in mental math profession, parents, and students, to participate in this revolutionary MM Go World Championships. The tournament will be setup in a gaming style and hence an eye-opening experience for all. The championshipss will be commented and premiered on YouTube and Facebook within a week The entrance qualification is to be earned, not just paid for. Please follow the eight steps mentioned above to get started, because the game is ON!

Schedule and Directions

Date and Time (all based on Pacific Daylight Time, PDT)


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