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IQ Abacus Tops the Math Competition (5/21/2006)
IQ Abacus's students, once again, dominated the majority of the top 3 places in all age groups of the Speedy Math Competition conducted by the U.S. Mental Math Federation on May 20, 2006.

U.S. Mental Math Federation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote Mental Math in the U. S., conducted a Speedy Math Competition at Goodman Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona on May 20, 2006. More than 150 contestants aged from 4 to 12 years to participate the Speedy Math Competition. All constants were divided into three age groups. The contestants would be placed in the appropriate group according to their birth dates or they can choose to challenge the higher age groups ("Group Skip"). Note that three IQ students, Jacky Chen, Timothy Horng, and Titus Yeh, who were 9 years old chose to skip to Group C for higher challenge and swept almost all the top 3 places in all sessions of Group C.

Each contestant was required to take three section tests: Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Each section consists of 60 questions with a given time limit of 3 minutes. The purpose of this competition is to test the fluency and accuracy of the 4 operations in math computation.

The awards won by IQ students are summarized below. All the students have done a splendid job! The complete result of the competition can be found on the U.S. Mental Math Federation web site:

Group A.

Name Years of Learning Mental Math Age Awards Challenge
+ -
 Austin Wong 1.2 Yr 5 1st 1st 1st  
 Katrina Shiao 9 mths 6     4th  
 Ariel Law 10 mths 5   4th 4th  
 Brandon Chang 9 mths 5 4th   4th  

Group B.

Name Years of Learning Mental Math Age Awards Challenge
+ -
 Tim Chen 10 mths 9     4th  
 Lindsey Chew 2 yrs 9 4th 2nd 2nd  
 Lydia Chew 1.6 yrs 7     4th  
 Eric Dan 2.5 yrs 8 2nd 2nd    
 Johnny Dan 1.8 yrs 4th 4th 3rd 1st  
 Michelle Jiang 2.5 yrs 9 4th 3rd 1st  
 Brandon Wong 1.2 yrs 7     4th  
 Bronson Wu 1.6 yrs 7 1st 4th 1st  
 Cindy Wu 1.6 yrs 8 3rd 4th 4th  
 Melody Yeh 1.8 yrs 7 2nd 4th 4th  

Group C.

Name Years of Learning Mental Math Age Awards Challenge
+ -
 Jacky Chen 2 yrs 9 3rd 3rd 2nd YES
 Sally Cheung 1.6 yrs 11     4th  
 Timothy Horng 4 yrs 9 1st 1st 1st YES
 Titus Yeh 2.5 yrs 9 2nd 2nd 4th YES