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International / National Math Contests For Grades 2 to 8
(updated 3/24/2011)
 IQ Abacus is forming math teams for Grades 2 to 8 to participate in the math contests conducted by the Online Math League, MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8 or Math Olympiads.   
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Online Math League
Hall of Fame
 Special congratulations go to Ankith C., Carrie H., Alex N., and Ricky H. who completed at 100% perfect scores throughout all three tests and won the NATIONAL CHAMPION in their grade levels. Due to the outstanding performance from the students, IQ Abacus is listed as the Grand Champion nation-wide for second grade, and top 10% nation-wide for 3rd grade1!!   
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IQ Abacus Student is Top 10 in the State Competition of MATHCOUNTS!!
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Extra! Extra!! Bronson Wu won the 1st place!
IQ Abacus Students Topped at the MathMatters Competition!!
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"Insight IQ Abacus" ~ Volume 1, Issue 2
 The 2nd issue of the IQ Abacus Newsletter ~ "Insight IQ Abacus" is now available! "Insight IQ Abacus" is created to keep you informed of what is happening in the recent months.  
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1/1/2009 The 10 Best Jobs in America Today - Mathematician is Ranked #1!
 Compiling research on 200 different positions, this year's report ranks mathematician as the country's best job,  
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1/1/2009 Best Colleges 2009
 The annual rankings of 262 universities were released on August 22 by U.S. News & World Report. Harvard University is No. 1 again ...  
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12/10/2008 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 Results (released on 12/10/2008)
 The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 is the fourth comparison of mathematics and science achievement carried out since 1995 ...  
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1/1/2008 In the 9th Pan-Pacific International Abacus Mental Math Competition, Arizona Team won two golds, two silvers and five bronzes
 The Ninth Pan Pacific International Abacus Mental Math Competition has been conducted at the Napredak Hall. in San Jose, Calif on December 29, 2007. A total of 200 students elected from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and the United States participated in the event. The U.S. students came from California, Texas, Oregon, and Arizona.  
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7/4/2006 MatheMUSEments - Arithmagic
 When he was a kid, Arthur Benjamin liked to show off. Now, he's a math professor at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California—and a professional magician.  
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6/21/2006 Ariz. schools responding to push for Chinese
 Kindergartners in Mesa may soon be learning two alphabets: one English, the other Chinese.

The federal government's push to get kids to learn tough languages for economic and national security reasons is inching down into primary and middle schools.  

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5/21/2006 IQ Abacus Tops the Math Competition
 IQ Abacus's students, once again, dominated the majority of the top 3 places in all age groups of the Speedy Math Competition conducted by the U.S. Mental Math Federation on May 20, 2006.  
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5/20/2006 Young math whizzes calculate quickly, accurately
 While many children spent a recent morning hypnotized by TV cartoon shows, a group of 156 students ages 5-12 were answering math problems as fast as their minds could calculate.  
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3/17/2006 Abacus class draws bead on better math skills

If one plus one is not adding up to two for your child, an ancient form of computation might make a world of difference.

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9/20/2005 Islamic school offers students sanctuary
 "The objective is, after 18 months, they have these kids doing division, four digits by two digits, just like that..."  
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9/16/2005 AZ Private School includes Abacus Mental Math in the math curriculum
 "The objective is, after 18 months, they have these kids doing division, four digits by two digits, just like that..."  
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1/3/2005 2005 Speedy Math Competition
 The IQ Abacus Math School conducts Speedy Math Competitions annually to excel mental calculations and promote math learning.

Date: Saturday May 7, 2005
Time: 10:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM
Location: Aprende Middle School (Multi-Purpose Room)  
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12/15/2004 Raising scores means work at school, home
 It appears bringing our nation's math scores up to speed with other industrialized countries might be tougher than using an abacus.  
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10/19/2004 Mental Calculation World Cup 2004 Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, 30 October 2004
 As the home town of Adam Ries, Annaberg-Buchholz maintains the tradition of the great German master of calculations. A special highlight in 2004 will be the first Mental Calculation World Cup, to which the best mental calculators from all over the world are invited.   
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9/15/2004 Congratulation to our student, Timothy Horng, who won the 3rd place in the Kumon 2004 Math Challenge competition.
 On 7/11/2004, Timothy Horng participated the 2004 Kumon Math Challenge taken place at 29 universities across the United States and Canada. The location in Phoenix is the Arizona State University.  
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7/8/2004  Parent Orientation on 7/31/04
 A FREE Parent Orientation is scheduled at 11:30 am on Saturday 7/31/2004. Free pizza and drinks will be provided.  
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5/30/2004 Scholarships Now Awarded
 Scholarships and IQ Reward Points will be awarded to those sho are certified by IQ Abacus Math School.  
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5/9/2004 2004 Speedy Math Competition Result
 Congratulations to each contestant.  
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12/7/2003 2003 Speedy Math Competition Result
 The 2004 Speedy Math Competition has been successfully conducted on 12/07/2003 at CCSA.  
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1/2/2002 Ancient Abacus Remains Popular in Digital Age
 Abacus, the oldest computer surviving more than 2,000 years, remains a favorite of Chinese in the digital age.  
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