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Why IQ Abacus?

If you have dreamed of owning your own unique business, then IQ Abacus may be the business opportunity you have been looking for-an opportunity that fulfills your dream and your entrepreneurial desire to be an independent business owner, to have control over your future.

If you want to fulfill this dream, then IQ abacus may be your best partner:

  • You will have little or no competition in an industry that is exploding -- the educational enrichment industry, because the IQ Abacus franchise is unique.

    A pioneer in an educational business, IQ Abacus has developed a patented math enrichment program that incorporates proprietary textbooks, homework books, music, posters, and games.

    This after-school program works - it has been tested and proven to improve students' math skills easily and painlessly by teaching students to use an abacus and solve problems, and then, with the abacus system well-learned, to calculate numbers and solve problems without the abacus.

    Mastering these math skills is critical for students. According to a presidential panel on U.S. math education, "mastering math skills provides the underpinnings for success in higher math and ultimately in high tech jobs. And yet, today American students achieve only at a mediocre level by comparison to peers worldwide."

  • Your franchise will have a continual flow of eager customers because IQ Abacus meets the needs of ambitious parents who want to improve their children's math skills. As studies indicate, excelling in math provides students with opportunities for acceptance into top universities and colleges and then for high level entry positions into companies.


  • You join a winning team with over 8 years of experience in running an IQ Abacus Math School and teaching this innovative abacus mental math method to hundreds of students (ages 4 -12). This method has been proven by our results and the success of our students in winning top places in regional and international math competitions.


  • You are supported by a proven concept and a professional team, so you do not need any previous education and experience. What you need is a positive attitude, a passion for teaching children and a commitment to excellence!


  • You will benefit from excellent training programs, lesson plans, high standards, and management support.


  • Your franchise investment is relatively low, when compared to other franchises, and your potential for return is high.


And, franchising itself works! During the last 10 years, over 90% of franchise businesses are still operating. This is over 7 times the rate of independent, non-franchised businesses. So, with franchising, all elements are in place for you to benefit from our concept, system, and management team that offers a proven formula for operating a successful math school for children.

If you seek a rewarding business, dedicated to improving the math skills of our children and wish to take advantage of a unique, first-time offered franchising opportunity, you owe it to yourself to examine the IQ Abacus franchising program.