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IQ Abacus Method

Ms. Rueyin Chiou is the creator of the iQ Abacus Method. She invented a patent-pending method for children from any cultural background to easily learn to use an abacus and then mental math, eventually enhancing and accelerating math skills. This creative teaching method has been exclusively used at all iQ Abacus schools since 2004. Thousands of students have been benefit from it.

The first stage is consist of 20 1.5 hours lesons and fully dedicated to learning abacus. Soon after the first stage, the Singapore "Primary Math" curriculum will be used in conjunction with the abacus mental math so that the mental math skill is practically used in daily life and schools. In other words, iQ Abacus students are not only fluent in computations, they are problem solvers, too. In addition to the set curriculum by the textbooks, we believe that competitions challenge and inspire students to want to learn more mathematics. In math competitions, students will be in touch with higher level thinking problems that are dynamic, "untraditional", and "outside of the box". iQ Abacus students are easier to be guided into a higher level thinking arena because the computation is no longer a burden for them.