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English Reading/Writing

Enhance your Children English Reading/Writing

English @ IQ Abacus
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IQ Abacus Math & Language School is proud to offer the English Reading & Writing program in both in-person classes and virtual eClasses.

The English program is designed for students from 1st to 12th grades (SAT Level).  All classes are live with a REAL TEACHER.  Students of 3rd grade and older can opt to take the class remotely or so-called “eClass”.  The eClass sessions feature simple set-up, live teacher sessions and a completely digital homework and lesson curriculum guide.  Students can attend the class from home and still have the full scale interaction and brainstorming with other students.  The attention and assistance from the teacher is never compromised, either. 

Our PSAT/SAT prep classes are very effective in boosting up the scores for the students.  We prepared many questions used in the past tests to equip you do well in your test!

Students do not idle to wait for the teacher to search for books, flip pages, write on the board, or find answers.  The entire 90 minutes will be solidly spent in studying and discussing questions.  The teacher will review and explain phonograms and spelling words (for lower grade students), grammar, reading skills, sentence structures, vocabulary, and test-taking strategies to help students reinforce what they have learned or learn something new.  Homework is assigned every week and teachers keep track of what were missed in the homework.  Mistakes will be discussed in the class.

In the lower grade level classes, Spalding Method was specifically used to help young students establish clear phonograms (sounding skill), spelling rules, and penmanship.

The following video clips were recorded from the real English classes at IQ Abacus for the first, fourth grades, and SAT students, respectively. For 1st grade students For 4th grade students For PSAT/SAT prep

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