2016 Speedy Math Competition: Final Results
Final Results    Click here

Thanks to everyone for attending and making this year's event a fun and exciting one!

Speedy Math Competitions
The US Mental Math Foundation conducts Speedy Math Competitions annually to promote excellence in mental calculation and math learning.

Participating in contests can increase the interest and confidence of children in learning mental math. Each year, the US Mental Math Foundation offers test materials and prizes in holding mental math contests to encourage participation and promote math learning.

2016 Speedy Math Competition

The competition standings with individual scores have now been posted. Thanks to everyone for attending and making this year's event a fun and exciting one!

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Mission Statement
The US Mental Math Foundation (USMMF) is a federally registered 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization and was officially established in 2006. USMMF is dedicated to promoting and encouraging effective learning and teaching methods of mental math for early childhood and beyond.

USMMF regulates the standards for mental math education, defines the levels of difficulty, administers certification exams, and conducts competitions.

The mission of USMMF includes setting up appraisal standards for certifications, administering certification exams for teachers and students, sharing resources among all interested parties, and conducting national and world scale activities including competitions to encourage active learning in mental math and broaden visions for students around the world.

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